Ontario offers over 42,000 km of maintained, uncongested, interconnected trails. A typical season lasts 14 weeks, with most trails receiving an average snowfall of 3 meters. With thousands of Inns, Lodges, and Resorts along the way you and your friends will be able to rack up some serious miles.

Region's 8 & 9 of the OFSC trails encompasses the Georgian Bay area that is home to The Blue Mountains, Collingwood, Thornbury, Meaford, Stayner, Wasaga Beach, and Creemore. These snowmobile trails offer a wide range of riding terrain and due to the higher altitude typically allows the earliest start to every season... and the last to close!

"Get ready for an exciting snowmobile adventure with Ride On Rentals Snowmobile Tours. We have been providing rentals & tours in Southern Ontario since 2004. Our exciting tours are designed for all ages and ability levels. We provide an introductory lession for the entry level riders, and also provide an area for advanced riders to open up and cut fresh tracks. Weíre all about the customerís experience!

1 Hour TourS - $99/Single - $119/double
TOUR TIMES: 9AM - 10:30 - 12:00 - 1:30 - 3:00 - 4:30

Snowmobiling is a great way to get out and enjoy winter, and our 1 hour is perfect for just that! Come and explore some of the nicest trials in Ontario, travel though the Pretty River Provincial Park on groomed OFSC snowmobile trails. Twist and turn over 30 km* of hard wood forests, scenic lookouts, bridge cross beautiful rivers and open country. Not uncommon to see a great selection of deer, turkey, and other winter wild life.

Prices include: Snowmobile, Helmet(s),Trail Guide, Fuel, Insurance, Trail Pass



4 Hour Tours- $239/Single - $249/double

This tour includes 1 hour Dinner stop!
Looking for a little more than just a Snowmobile ride? RideOnRentals provides a trilling snowmobiling experience though Ontarioís back country, 60 km* of pure winter heaven! Ride trilling trails that cross through hardwood forest, over streams and rivers. Donít miss an opportunity to visit picturesque lookouts that make for unforgettable memories!

Itís Halftime! The halfway point is a perfect time for a break, and the best place for that break is a restaurant tucked in the hamlet of Singhamton. Mylarís & Lorettaís is conveniently located along the snowmobile trail making this a perfect place to grab a bite. Here, we stop the clock and give you time to relax and chat with the rest of the tour. Once dinner is over we hit the trails for an awesome night ride back and we can say that night riding is the best time to ride!

Prices include: Snowmobile, Helmet(s),Trail Guide, Fuel, Insurance, Trail Pass


1 Hour rental - $119 Single/double
Prices include: Snowmobile, Helmet(s),Trail Maps, Insurance, Trail Pass

4 Hour rental - $249 Single/double
Prices include: Snowmobile, Helmet(s),Trail Maps, Insurance, Trail Pass

8 Hour retanl - $349 Single/double
Prices include: Snowmobile, Helmet(s),Trail Maps, Insurance, Trail Pass

- All operators must be a Minimum of 16 Years of age
- All operators must have a Valid Drivers License
- All operators of our equipment (snowmobiles) must sign our waiver of liability and rental contract.
- We may require a security deposit per snowmobile. Deposits may be on either Visa or Master Card
- The Lessee is responsible for any and all damages including but not limited to theft, collision, and vandalism. Insurance for collision and theft is not available!

- A single day rental typically consists of 9am pick up and 5pm return, or a late fee will apply.


Question: What the youngest passenger allowed?
Answer: We have helmets for as young as 3 but the helmet must fit properly

Question: Do we require a special drivers licence?
Answer: NO, however each driver does need a Valid Auto Drivers License (G!, G2, G, Motorcycle, International)

Question: How old do you have to be to drive a snowmobile on the trails?
Answer: 12-15 years of age may receive their snowmobile drivers license though the OFSC, anyone 16+ years of age who have the auto license may operate.

Question: What do we wear?
Answer: We advise quests to wear there typical winter gear. Anyone who is not wearing proper boots, pants, gloves or jacket is able to rent the proper gear upon signing in!

Question: Can my kids drive?
Answer: Yes, however an adult must ride on the back during there test drive, also the test drive must be on our private property and not on OFSC trails

Question: What is your Cancellation Policy?
Answer: We have a 48 Cancellation Policy that applies to all booking. A 10% administration fee is applied to all cancellation outside the 48 cancellation period

Question:What if the weather has cancelled snowmobiling, do we get a refund?
Answer: Absolutely, we want every guest experience to be nothing but the best, if the weather is not ideal and we have to cancel, you get a full refund!

Question: Do you a require deposit for reservation?
Answer: Upon booking we require full payment, some arrangements can be made if it is for large parties/groups

We hope this answers some of your questions. If your question isn't listed above, please send us an email to rideonltd@hotmail.com We would be happy to answer your questions you have.


0% alcohol in effect!
For Booking: Call (705-293-0552)
Email (rideonltd@hotmail.com)
Gift Certificates available in any amount, No expiry!



Youíre going to experience a true winter adventure! Snowmobiling is a way of life for some Canadians and getting out in the open air and enjoying all that winter has to offer is what itís all about! RideOnRentals is Ontarioís premiere Snowmobile Rental and Tour Company. We are located in the Georgian Triangle Region, ( Blue Mountain, Thornbury, Collingwood, Meaford, Wasaga Beach, Intrawest-Village at BlueMountain) which is located 1.5 hour northwest of Toronto. We are your first choice for Snowmobile Rentals and Tours in Southern Ontario and we pride ourselves on servicing areas such as Toronto, Barrie, Hamilton, Kitchiner Waterloo, London, Stoney Creek, Wood Stock, Gulph, Ottawa, Parry Sound, Muskoka and Huntsville. All local trails are maintained by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs(OFSC) and the local snowmobile clubs (Blue Mountain Snow Drifters, Wasaga Snowmobile Club and the Ridge Runners Thornbury Snowmobile Club) that keep the trial in great condition!

What should we expect?
We first like to know your comfort level in snowmobiling. We find a lot of our guests are quite adventurous and that works well when we are demonstrating the trail riding techniques and the way the snowmobile needs to be controlled. RideOnRentals professional and friendly staff have more than 60 year of snowmobiling experience not to mention our star guide and instructor is from the province and snowmobile capital of the world, Quebec! Yoland is an outdoor enthusiast and takes pride in providing the guests with the most pleasant and enjoyable snowmobile tour around! In the spring you might even catch him make maple syrup straight from the trees that surround the cabin.

For the novice snowmobiler there is nothing to fear. We have a large 50 acre section that guest are able to get the hang of steering in the powder, how much room is needed to safely stop and turn as well as what speed is best for traveling on trails. We have seen so many novice or first time snowmobilers come back from their 1 hour tour and will not stop talking about how amazing and beautiful the snowmobiling was! We get it all the time, we may even offer a 100% satisfaction guaranty on out tours.

3 Hour Tour
We start by setting off in the remaining daylight as we snowmobile though the Pretty Provincial park and stop at each lookout and picture perfect location! The snowmobile tour is 3 hours in length but we deliver a wonderful surprise at the halfway point. We are pleased to present a beautiful restaurant located right on the OFSC snowmobile trial! Here we stop the clock and give you a chance to warm up by the fire and take in past hour and a half of snowmobiling over a beautifully prepared meal from the staff at Mylar and Lorettaís restaurant.
Do we deliver or what, and remember we stop the clock so your getting 3 hours of snowmobiling plus the dinner stop (cost of dinner not included in tour price) giving you a 4 hour snowmobile experience.
Now to ride back! By this time night has settled in. The thought of night riding gives some guests an uneasy feeling, but let me assure you that after we return to a warm cabin you might just fine that snowmobiling at night is the best time to ride. And if youíre lucky enough to be on a full moon tour, then youíre in for a real treat!!! Every tree along the snowmobile trail glows from the light of the moon, and the fields seem to be sheets of diamonds. Most cameras canít pick up a fraction of the beauty that night riding offers and the deeper you snowmobile into the mountains the more stars you can see!!! RideOnRentals brings excitement to winter and we look forward to making your next winter adventure, a Snowmobile Adventure in Ontario! RideOnRentals Gift Certificates are also available in any amount and never expire! We accept the following: Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Cash.